June 15, 2024

JDS Master Degree Scholarship 2023 – Apply Now, Fully Funded

Fully Funded JDS Master Degree Scholarship: In Japan, applications are still being accepted for the JDS Master Degree Scholarship. The audience for the scholarship is young individuals who want to run for office and those who want to aid in the development of their own countries.

Supporting the human resource development of the nations receiving Japanese grant assistance is the primary goal of the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant assistance (JDS), formerly known as the Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS).


JDS Master Degree Scholarship with Full Funding

The highly competent young officials (mostly in government) who are anticipated to participate in carrying out social and economic development plans as future leaders are the focus of the JDS Project.

JDS is backed by ODA (Official Development Assistance), which is paid for by Japanese tax payers.


Japanese universities can enroll in 2-year Master’s programs taught by JDS in English. JDS Fellows will have a unique opportunity to gain first-hand understanding of cutting-edge technological developments and to forge extensive human networks.

NOTE: Some programs last one year.

How To Apply For  JDS Master’s Degree Scholarship That Is Fully Funded

Application Process

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JDS Beneficiaries

  1. For the participants (JDS Fellows)

JDS Fellows will have a fantastic opportunity to gain the specialist knowledge necessary for developing institutional frameworks, policies, and systems in a nation that leads the world in technological innovation. The greater human network will also be advantageous for the Fellows.

  1. For the organizations (The Fellows’ place of work)

The Fellows’ workplace will attract highly qualified and motivated returnees who could significantly advance the goals of the organization.

  1. For the Nation (the Nation of the Fellows)

The host nation will increase institutional capacity, which will encourage the development


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