June 25, 2024

2024 Sweden Skilled Worker Visa | Benefits Requirements, and Application Procedures

Sweden is one of the largest economies in the world with a strong job market, which is one of the many reasons foreigners choose to migrate and work in Sweden. 

There is shortage of skilled manpower to drive certain sectors of the country’s economy and this presents opportunities to non-citizens to obtain a Sweden Skilled Worker Visa 2024.

The country is known for its good working conditions, a competitive remuneration and subsidized public services. As a foreigner, you will need to obtain a work visa for you to be allowed to work in the country.

Sweden is identified as the heaven on earth for the working class. Are you also curious to know the reason that makes Sweden the unique choice of expats from all around the world? This article will provide information about the requirements and benefits of obtaining a Skilled Worker Visa to work in Sweden.

Skilled Jobs that are in High Demand in Sweden

Sweden has high shortage of skilled workers in sectors such as healthcare, education, information technology, engineering and construction. The following professions are most in-demand: midwives, civil engineers, system analysts and IT architects, software and system developers.

Others are nursing assistants, specialists nurses, doctors, primary school teachers, special needs teachers and educators, mobile farm and forestry plant operators, drivers, construction workers, carpenters and joiners, welders, vehicle mechanics.


This implies that individuals from abroad who belong to any of the specified occupations may have a higher chance of securing a Swedish work visa.

Requirements for a Sweden Skilled Worker Visa 2024

To obtain a Swedish Skilled Worker Visa as a foreigner, there are certain requirements that you need to meet. The following are the things needed to get a Work Visa in Sweden:

  • You must possess a valid passport.
  • You must have been offered a job offer or a contract.
  • The job offer must state clearly your salary according to the Swedish collective agreements. The salary should be enough to support yourself monthly.
  • Employer must provide insurance that covers health, life, employment, and pension.


There are several benefits that accrue to skilled workers in Sweden. Some of them are:

  • Employment based insurance: As a skilled worker in Sweden you are covered by employment-based insurance from the first date when work resumes. The benefits are pregnancy cash benefit, parental benefit at sickness benefit and basic level, income-based retirement pension, sickness cash benefit, occupational injury benefits and a host of other benefits.
  • Assured Bonus: This is one of the best Swedish employment benefits as employees can grab a 50%-100% guaranteed bonus while working overtime. The Swedish Working Act of 1982 backs employee to be compensated for their overtime at work.
  • Opportunity to study without losing your job: You can put your job on hold and go back for studies without the fear of losing your job. The Employees Right To Education Leave Act 1974 entitled employees in Sweden to take a leave of absence for studies once they have completed working in the country for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Leave Entitlement
  • Competitive Wages
  • Social Security

Application Procedures

There are two major ways you can apply for a Sweden Skilled Worker Visa. They include applying online and applying at the Sweden embassy or consulate-general.

Online Application

Applications performed online are adjudged to be easier and have been taunted to increase the chances of a quick decision. Applying online for a skilled work visa in Sweden includes the following steps:

  • Receive a job offer: Before getting a work visa, you will need to have a job offer from an employer in Sweden. The job must have been advertised in Sweden by the employer, EU/EEA, and Switzerland ten days before offering you the job position.
  • The employer initiates the application: Your employer should initiate the application for a work permit by completing a job offer. You will need to provide personal information to your employer, such as name, date of birth, citizenship, education, and email.
  • Wait for an email: After your employer has completed the job offer, you will receive an email with information on how to apply for a work visa. If want to move with your family  to Sweden, you should also apply for permits for them while also doing yours.
  • Attach supporting documents: Together with your application, you will need to submit copies of your passport pages and a power of attorney. These documents should be properly scanned and labeled.
  • Pay and submit your application: You can choose to pay the application fee using a convenient means. The application would only be submitted after you have made your payment. You will receive an email that your application has been submitted.
  • Residence permit card: You will receive a residence permit card if you are granted a permit for more than 90 days. The residence card proves that you are permitted to stay in Sweden and contains information such as fingerprints and photographs.
  • Wait for a Decision: You and your employer will be notified of the application decision via email. You will also need to take your passport with you.

Embassy Application

Applying for a Sweden Skilled Work Visa at the embassy or consulate-general includes the following steps:

  • Book an appointment: It is important that you contact the embassy and book an appointment before going for the visa application enquiries.
  • Complete the application form: Ensure that you complete the visa application form and provide all the necessary information. Instructions about what you need will be found in the application form.
  • Attach supporting documents: Attach the following supporting documents together with your application before you submit: Job offer letter, opinion from the relevant union, copies of your international passport pages.
  • Submit the application documents to the Swedish embassy or consulate-general: Submit the application form to a Swedish embassy or consulate-general in the country you are living in. If there is no embassy or consulate-general in your country, you should locate the nearest embassy or consulate-general in a neighboring country.
  • Wait for a response: Wait for an email notification about the decision of the embassy about your work visa application.

How to Apply:

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