June 25, 2024

2023 Bursary Program for South Africans through the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Empowerment Fund.

Potential leaders of SA are to be upskilled and developed by the JSE. The great Nelson Mandela once observed that “the most effective tool you have to change the world is education.”

Future leaders of SA are to be upskilled and developed by the JSE. “Education is the most potent weapon which you can use to change the world,” the great Nelson Mandela once stated. The JSE Empowerment Fund (JEF) was created with the intention of assisting students in their pursuit of their academic objectives.


The JEF awards scholarships to formerly underprivileged students in their second and third years of study or at the post-graduate (Honors) level.

Scholarship Summary:

Host University: JSE Empowerment Fund (JEF)
Degree level: Undergraduate,
Scholarship funding: Partial Funded
Eligible nationality: International
Host country: South African
Application’s Last Date: May 11, 2023


Who is Eligible:

Applications are only accepted from South African citizens who are enrolled in the designated program.
The parents’ or guardians’ combined income should not be greater than R350 000 annually.
Only applications for studies at the second, third, or honors level will be taken into consideration.

Students must have received a minimum cumulative grade of 60%.
Graduates must have received at least 60%.
Please take note that an affidavit verifying the information submitted with every application is required. A statement confirming the existence of any JSE dependents must be submitted with the bursary application.

Eligible Field(s) of Study:

Mainly who is studying (full time) towards a degree in:

Computer Science
Actuarial Science
Information Technology
Data Analytics


Method Of Application:

Please note that all applications must include an affidavit confirming the information provided. – If JSE dependents apply, a declaration stating the same must be included with the bursary application.


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