2023 Application for Factory Jobs In Poland -Apply Now

Factory Jobs In Poland For Foreigners 2023/2024 Application Form Portal – Apply Now.

Factory Jobs In Poland For Foreigners: There are several career opportunity in Poland, So if you are a foreigner searching for factory jobs, we will provide all necessary job vacancies in Poland with requirements and procedures on how to apply.

If you yearn to work in a Poland factory as a foreigner, you must follow all these outlined processes to have a full working permit in this Poland Country.


Poland is a member of the European Union (EU), and citizens of other EU member states do not need a permit to work there. Most other individuals will need a visa to stay in the country and a permit to work.


There are several types of visas available for non-EU citizens seeking entry into Poland for employment purposes, including:

2023 Application for Factory Jobs In Poland -Apply Now
  • Work Permit (Type A): This permit is required for foreign individuals who work for a Polish employer.
  • Work Permit (Type C or E): This permit is available for those sent to work in Poland through an intracompany transfer.
  • Business visa (Schengen Visa C or D)
  • Freelance/entrepreneur visa

Take Note: Each type of work permit has its own requirements. Remember that employees will need both a valid visa or residence permit and a work permit.

Requirements to Obtain Poland Work Visas

The employer must provide several documents to obtain a work permit on behalf of a foreign employee. These documents include:

  • A completed application form
  • Evidence of payment of application fees
  • Confirmation of the legal status of the employer from the National Court Register
  • Current records of the employer’s economic activity
  • Copies of the applicant’s passport pages with relevant travel information
  • Evidence that the applicant has health insurance
  • A deed for the company
  • A copy of a statement regarding profits or losses sustained by the employer
  • A copy of a contract in accordance with the service being provided in Poland

List of Available Factory Jobs In Poland For Foreigners

These are the available and current ongoing factory jobs in Poland for foreigners, which include;

1. Prabesh

The Prabesh Group provides quality employment opportunities for foreigners, and if you wish to join this workforce, you can see the available job positions.


The Prabesh Group seeks factory workers for different positions, and they are highlighted below; hence make use of the application link below.

  • Workers at a biscuits packaging factory
  • Packaging of chocolate products
  • Meat production packers
  • Assembly of Chicken jobs
  • Sorting Inpost parcels

2. Projektanci Kariery

The Projektanci Kariery offer a wide range of opportunities and professional training, which they can use to adjust to suit the needs of the organization

The Projektanci Kariery has two current positions for factory jobs, and they include


♥ Production Worker

A production worker is needed at Bytom (SIlesian Voivodeship), and your responsibilities include;

  • stone wool production
  • production line handling
  • mineral wool packaging
  • operating machinery and equipment in accordance with procedures
  • performing quality control
  • keeping the workplace clean and tidy

♥ Packager

A packager is needed at Kornice (Silesian Voivodeship), and applicants’ expected roles include

  • preparing and securing finished products (e.g., windows, doors, roller shutters, blinds) for transport in accordance with the guidelines
  • quality control of the product leaving the manufacturing line
  • checking the technical condition of the racks
  • collecting, placing products on racks, and packing finished products according to orders and production plan

3. Stark & Partners

Stark & Partners gives you the ability to choose your path. From just organizing the legal documents so you can move and work freely in Poland to carrying out the whole process by setting up the correct papers, getting you a job with one of our partners, and helping you with the right place to stay

Stark & Partners currently seeks two factory job workers in the following sector;

♥ Worker at the meat factory Stark & Partners are looking for candidates for the position of a worker at the meat factory near Warsaw, and these are your responsibilities

  • Packaging of finished meat products manual handling (cutting products, packing, etc.)
  • Product packing in cardboard boxes, marking, stacking on pallets and carts

♥ Worker in the warehouse

Stark & Partners seeks candidates for the position of a warehouse worker in metal production, and your duties include;

  • Controlling the quality and quantity of goods coming into the warehouse
  • Taking care of correct goods placement in the warehouse area

4. CIS Group Manpower Agency

CIS Group Manpower Agency is looking for hard-working production Workers to assist in manufacturing.

The Production Worker’s responsibilities include keeping the production area clean, preparing machinery and equipment for use, working the production line as instructed, and following health and safety guidelines strictly.

There are over 16 Poland factory jobs, and access all of them to apply, then click below.

5. Hitachi Energy

Hitachi Energy is a global technology leader advancing a sustainable energy future for all. They serve customers in the utility, industry, and infrastructure sectors with innovative solutions and services across the value chain.

They currently seek a Factory Controller who will play a key role in financial control within the Core Manufacturing Center.

Requirements For The Factory Controller Job

  • Professional qualification in finance CA/ CPA.
  • Minimum 7 Years of Work Experience.
  • Hands-on experience working in SAP Modules FI, CO, MM, PP, PS.
  • Well-versed with Office 365 tools.
  • Good communications skills.
  • Fluent English.
  • Please apply with your English CV.

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