June 15, 2024

10 Exciting, Motivating Remote Jobs That Are Hiring

It can occasionally be difficult to add joy and positivity to our lives. Many of the more difficult challenges life presents us with require intention and effort to overcome.

However, your position need not be among those that are more difficult. Many jobs have a happy or positive element to them, or they just sound like fun to do. We created a list of 10 enjoyable, uplifting remote jobs as a result.


We sincerely hope you will take it in the humorous manner intended!

10 Motivational Remote Jobs Available

  • Visiting Music Teacher

For K–12 students, schools, and school districts around the world, Pearson Virtual Schools is a market leader in accountable, high-quality virtual education solutions. The adjunct music teacher will remotely oversee subject-specific educational initiatives for high school students enrolled in Ohio Connections Academy’s (OCA) tuition-free online public school. Candidates from Ohio may apply for this part-time, entirely remote position.

  • Art Director

The goal of computer game developer Magic Media & Entertainment Group is to be “at the forefront of artistic, game development, and technology services.” In order to further the company’s aesthetic vision and objectives, the art director will provide strategic advice regarding new trends and technology in the video game business. This position can be carried out from any location in the world and is entirely remote.

  • Editor, Urban Music

Spotify is a 2008-founded Swedish business that offers podcast, streaming, comedy, and music services. The editor will be a part of the company’s editorial team for urban music and help curate hip-hop while highlighting Black artists and cultural content. Candidates from Los Angeles, California, are invited to apply for a full-time hybrid remote position.

  • Writer of Food and Dining Features

Publishing company Static Media offers interesting information on a variety of subjects, including blockbuster movies, the year’s finest trends, and astronomical mysteries. Research, story pitches, and writing will all be done by the food and dining feature writer for Foodie.com. The work can be done from any location in the world and is entirely remote and freelance.

  • Game Mathematician

IGT, or International Game Technology, is a pioneer in the design, development, and production of network systems and computerized gaming equipment worldwide. To develop game math for innovative games, the game mathematician will work with artists, engineers, and other team members. Candidates from London, England, United Kingdom, may apply for this full-time, entirely remote position.

  • Grooming Program Administrator

The American Kennel Club is the foremost organization in the country for anything related to purebred dogs. The administrator of the grooming program will respond to client emails and phone calls, handle membership applications, evaluate exam results, and represent the company’s Dog Grooming Institute at events. Applicants from New York, New York are welcome to apply for this full-time, hybrid remote position.

  • Lead Producer – Adventure

Community-focused games created by Hypixel Studios are intended to involve both players and content producers. The lead producer will oversee the creation of Hytale’s gameplay mechanics and provide assistance for the demands of various game modes and potential future experiences. It is possible to work on this full-time, entirely remote position from any location in the world.

  • Social and Newsletter Reporter

Daily email newsletter Morning Brew provides the most recent news, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. The company’s social media accounts will receive information from the newsletter and social reporter, who will also assist in the weekend production of the company’s daily flagship newsletter. The candidate must reside in New York, New York, however applicants from other parts of the United States who apply remotely will also be taken into consideration.

  • TikTok Creator and Content Strategist

Fanatee is a Brazilian-based, international game development studio that strives to provide the greatest gaming experiences. The TikTok content creator and strategist will plan out trending material that appeals to the company’s target U.S. market. This is a full-time, entirely remote position that may be carried out from any location in the US.

  • Global Artist

Interactive software is designed, published, and distributed by the award-winning software development company Electronic Arts (EA) for computers, mobile devices, game systems, and the web. Using data from the real world, the world artist will create playable environments. For applicants in Marina Del Rey and Redwood City, California; Orlando, Florida; Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington; and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, this is a full-time, 100% remote position.


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