June 15, 2024

President Scholarship at Jiangsu University (JSU) for International Students in 2023

Jiangsu University (JSU) is located in Zhenjiang city of Jiangsu Province, China. JSU is renowned for its English taught programs with 13 bachelor courses ranked amongst the top English courses offered in China. Currently, over 2,000 international students from more than 114 countries study bachelor, master, PhD and non-degree courses on campus. The university is gaining popularity for innovative teaching and colorful college life. Mixing classwork with proper immersion in extracurricular activities has always been proven to be the best academic system with the most promising results. This is actually how our success works.

Jiangsu University (JSU) President Scholarship: Jiangsu University offers scholarships to international students who enroll in English-taught degree programs in order to improve the education of these individuals.


Scholarship Summary:

Host University: Jiangsu University (JSU) President Scholarship
Degree level: All undergraduate, master and PhD student
Scholarship funding: Partially and Fully Funded
Eligible nationality: International
Host country: China
Application’s Last Date: August 2023

Eligibility for Jiangsu University (JSU) President Scholarship: 

  1. The JSU Presidential Scholarship to graduate students will be awarded once a year after annual assessment of the student’s performance.
  2. Only applicable to SELF-FUNDED overseas students who take English-taught DEGREE programs ONLY.
  3. Presidential scholarship graduate students who apply to quit JSU should compensates the scholarship amount back to the university before they receive the transcripts and other official documents.
  4. Transferring of major or quitting JSU by bachelor students who availed JSU Presidential Scholarship in the first year, shall be approved only after the student compensates the scholarship amount back to the university before they receive the transcripts and other official document
  5. Age Requirement: Bachelor: under 25 years; Master Students: under 35 years; PhD Students: under 40 years.
  6. Not compatible to winners of other scholarships

Number of Awardees: Not specified


Value of Jiangsu University (JSU) President Scholarship: Partial Scholarship

  • PhDs: Full tuition and accomodation
  • Masters: 20,000 CNY on tuition every year
  • Bachelors*: 10,000 CNY on tuition in first year

How to Apply for Jiangsu University (JSU) President Scholarship: 

Application Form for President Scholarship of Jiangsu University

Please fill in the form completely and clearly, and upload it to the “Application Form for President’s Scholarship” when submitting the application on the http://admission.ujs.edu.cn/ website.


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