July 18, 2024

2023/2024 Partial Finland Scholarship for International Students Outside Europe

The Finland Scholarship helps foreign students from outside the EU/EEA pay for their university study in Finland, ensuring they receive the finest support for maximizing their academic opportunities, developing their abilities, and establishing successful professions after graduation.

Scholarship Summary:

Host Country: Finland
Study Abroad: Study in Europe
Category: Postgraduate Scholarships | Masters Scholarships 
Eligible Countries: All Countries 
Reward: Partial Scholarship | grant of 5000€
Deadline: January 31, 2023

Fields is/are Eligible?

Please note that this scholarship is only available for applicants applying in the 2023 application round!

In the application round of 2023, you can apply for Finland Scholarship when you apply for the following Master’s programmes (list will be updated): 

  • Architecture, Master’s Programme in Architecture, Master of Science (Architecture) 
  • Biochemistry, Master’s Programme in Biochemistry, Master of Science 
  • Biomedical Engineering, Master’s Programme in Biomedical Engineering, Master of Science (Technology) OR Master of Health Sciences 
  • Business Analytics, Master’s Programme in Business Analytics (Economics and Business Administration), Master of Science
  • Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials, Master’s Programme in Chemistry, Master of Science 
  • Computer Science and Engineering, Master’s Programme in Computer Science and Engineering, Master of Science (Technology) 
  • Economics, Master’s programme in Economics, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
  • Education and Globalisation, Master’s Programme in Education, Master of Arts (Education)
  • Electronics, Master’s Programme in Electronics and Communications Engineering, Master of Science (Technology)
  • Environmental Engineering, Master’s Programme in Environmental Engineering, Master of Science (Technology)
  • Finance, Master’s Programme in Finance, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
  • Financial and Management Accounting, Master’s Programme in Accounting, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
  • International Business Management, Master’s Programme in International Business Management, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
  • Learning, Education and Technology, Master’s Programme in Education, Master of Arts (Education)
  • Marketing, Master’s Programme in Marketing, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) 
  • Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining, Master’s Programme in Geosciences, Master of Science 
  • Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining, Master’s Programme in Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing, Master of Science (Technology)
  • Product and Project Management, Master’s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management, Master of Science (Technology)
  • Software Engineering and Information Systems, Master’s Programme in Information Processing Science, Master of Science
  • Sustainable and Autonomous Systems, Master’s Programme in Sustainable and Autonomous Systems (SAS), Master of Science (Technology)
  • Wireless Communications Engineering, Master’s Programme in Electronics and Communications Engineering, Master of Science (Technology)

Scholarship Benefit:

At the University of Oulu the scholarship covers a first-year tuition fee and a relocation grant of 5000€ which is paid once the student has arrived in Oulu.

The scholarships are aimed at gifted non-EU/EEA students who are liable to tuition fees and apply for international master’s programmes at the university of Oulu.

Method Of Application:

You can apply for the scholarship with the same online application when you apply to the university in January 2023. The online application will be available during the application period. It is possible to apply for and to be awarded both Finland Scholarship and the programme-specific scholarship.


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